Product Catalogue of Albert Heiss GmbH & Co. KG
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Home > products > Speculas & Retractors > Speculas Eye Speculas, solid blades
Part No. description quantity into basket
H1015 Lester-Burch Eye Speculum
H1035 Lancaster Eye Speculum
H1037 Corcelle Eye Speculum
H1040 Mellinger Eye Speculum, solid blades
H1047 Weiss Eye Speculum, solid blades, adult size
H1048 Weiss Eye Speculum, solid blades, adult size
H1054 Liebermann Eye Speculum, solid blades
H1055 Sauer Eye Speculum
H1057 Kershner Eye Speculum, solid blades
H1070 Cook Eye Speculum, large
H1071 Cook Eye Speculum, medium
H1072 Cook Eye Speculum, small
H1073 Cook Eye Speculum, baby size
H1078 Bangerter Eye Speculum
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