Product Catalogue of Albert Heiss GmbH & Co. KG
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Home > products > Speculas & Retractors > Retractors Strabismus Hooks
Part No. description quantity into basket
H1890 Jameson Strabismus Hook, small
H1892 Jameson Strabismus Hook, large
H19001 Graefe Strabismus Hook, fig. 1
H19002 Graefe Strabismus Hook, fig. 2
H19003 Graefe Strabismus Hook, fig. 3
H1902 Strabismus Hook, 12 mm
H1905 Jaeger Strabismus Hook
H1912 Green Strabismus Hook
H1916 Helveston Muscle Hook, 10 mm
H1917 Helveston Muscle Hook, 12 mm
H1918 Helveston Muscle Hook, 8 mm
H1919 Helveston Teaser Hook, 6 mm
H2255 Knapp Spatula and Hook
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