Product Catalogue of Albert Heiss GmbH & Co. KG
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0 Suture Forceps
Corneal Forceps
Tying Forceps
Micro Tying Forceps
Suture Forceps
Micro Suture Forceps
Suture Removing Forceps
Tying Forceps Juwelers Type
0 Fixation Forceps
Fixation Forceps
Micro Fixation Forceps
Advancement Forceps
Chalazon Forceps
Muscle Forceps
0 Eye Dressing Forceps
Iris Forceps, serrated
Iris Forceps, with teeths
Micro Iris Forceps
0 General Forceps
Cilia Forceps
Conjunctival-flap Forceps
Dressing & Utility Forceps
Foreign Body Forceps
0 Lens Forceps
Implantation Forceps
Lens Folding Forceps
Lens Holding Forceps
Nucleus Forceps
0 Capsular Forceps
Capsular Forceps
Capsulorhexis Forceps
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